• hate-speech
    Thought and Reality

    Hate Speech

    What is Hate Speech? Hate Speech is a verbal or written communication that expresses the negative opinion about an association. Hate speech is any word written or spoken sign, visible representation within the hearing or sight of a person with the intention to cause fear or alarm or incitement to violence. It said even a speech that does not incite violence has the potential of marginalizing a section of society. Incitement to violence can not be the sole test for determining whether a speech amount to hate speech or not. Even speech that doesn’t incite violence has the potential of marginalizing a certain section of a society or individual. Hate…

  • Philosophy

    Role of Philosophy in Human Life

    We are familiar with the word “Philosophy”. Let’s talk about what we are pursuing, goal or project or something else. What we are following for that particular thing, which philosophy we consider. Philosophy comes from the two Greek words Philia which mean LOVE and Sophia which means WISDOM. That ideologically speaking philosophy means the love of wisdom. As is well-known Love being stood for a strong desire for an object, and wisdom is understood as a correct application of knowledge. Philosophy is the science that studies begin with the principle through the help of a human. Philosophy is a knowledge of experiences summarized in knowledge. It may relate to anybody’s…